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British government: "Let's go out on October 31" from the European Union

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British government: "Let's go out on October 31" from the European Union

Michael Gove, number two of the British government and responsible for preparing a plan for a disorderly exit from the United Kingdom from the European Union, continues to guarantee that Brexit will even happen in less than two weeks.

Michael Gove (pictured Boris Johnson) believes that the Prime Minister has enough support to pass the necessary legislation to implement the exit plan agreed with Brussels in time for the Brexit on 31 October. The legislation is expected to be passed next week to ensure that everything is in place for the Brexit deadline to be met rather than postponed.

The hopes that Brexit would be "settled" last Saturday soon faded. Former Conservative MP Oliver Letwin added an amendment to the work, which suspends the approval of the UK exit agreement from the European Union until parliament has validated the legislation needed to implement the agreement.

This suspension meant that Prime Minister Boris Johnson was automatically obliged to request a further postponement of the Brexit deadline. The official still refused to do so, but eventually granted the request.

But despite being forced to do so, Boris Johnson remains convinced that the departure will actually take place on October 31st.

"We will be leaving on October 31st. We have the means and the capacity to do that," Michael Gove told Sky News, quoted by Reuters. "The letter was sent because Parliament demanded it to be … but Parliament cannot change the mind of the prime minister, parliament cannot change the government's policy or its determination," he added.

The person responsible for devising a plan for an out-of-agreement scenario adds that he is confident that the prime minister has enough support to pass the legislation. "If we do not support this agreement, the risk is that the European Council may not guarantee an extension," he told the same television station quoted by Bloomberg. "We can't bet on that. It's not safe."

Boris Johnson, who in his own letter to Brussels considered it a "mistake" to delay the UK's departure from the EU again, relies on "pressure" from some leaders. Among them is Emmanuel Macron, French president, who later on Saturday considered that "a new postponement serves no one 's interests".

Still, according to the international press, if the British Parliament is unable to pass the legislation and make the exit on 31 October, the European Union countries must endorse a new extension. According to the Guardian, the final "ok" of Brussels should only be given at the end of the month, to let the process proceed normally in London.

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