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Brazilian police arrest suspect of setting fire to homeless in São Paulo neighborhood

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Brazilian police arrest suspect of setting fire to homeless in São Paulo neighborhood

The civil police of the Brazilian state of Sao Paulo announced today that they arrested the suspect of setting fire to a homeless person on Sunday morning and died 70% of his body burned.

“Civilian police have identified the man responsible for Carlos Roberto Vieira da Silva's death after his body was burned on Sunday night in Mooca (São Paulo neighborhood). The perpetrator was arrested early in the morning and his request for a temporary arrest was upheld by the court, ”authorities said on their website.

Carlos Vieira da Silva, a 39-year-old homeless man, died on Sunday after a passerby allegedly set him on fire while sleeping in a Sao Paulo street, with 70% of his body burned.

According to surveillance camera videos to which the police had access, and released by the local press, a person dressed in dark clothes is moving around in the area where the homeless were sleeping.

Then there is what appears to be an explosion and the suspect runs away while the 39-year-old man stands in flames. Several people passing by rushed to put out the fire seconds later.

Near the place of the alleged crime was found a gallon (container) of fuel, which was seized for investigation, officials said.

The man was rescued, still conscious, with second and third degree burns at dawn by the Fire Department, but died on Monday.

Before succumbing to his injuries, the man told police he did not know who set him on fire because he was sleeping at the time of the attack.

Investigators were able to identify the suspect with the help of new security camera footage and witness testimony.

According to the authorities, the suspect is also homeless and will be responsible for the crime of manslaughter.

Delegates investigating the case reported that the suspect took responsibility for the crime, but the investigation will continue, according to local media.

Officers seek motivation for crime. The suspect said he set fire to Carlos Vieira da Silva because he allegedly stole 10,000 reais (2,200 euros) in cash.

However, police said they did not believe the version presented.

“The alleged motive was not cruel, it was very crude. He transcended any human acceptance by setting someone on fire. The refinements with which he acted are absolutely unacceptable, ”delegate Glaucus Vinicius Silva, who is responsible for the case, told O Globo newspaper.

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