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Bournemouth v Tottenham Hotspur: Premier League – live!

by ace

14:00 EDT14: 51

90 + 4 minutes: Gedson falls to the ground with the hope of winning a free kick in the corner. Rico recovers by kicking the Spurs ball to give Bournemouth a goal kick. Intelligent Spanish.

14:49 EDT14: 49

90 + 2 minutes: King enters the left area and wins a corner. I hope that the disallowed goal gives Bournemouth some hope that he will be able to score a legal goal.

14h48 EDT14: 48


90 minutes: Possibly the most mediocre aerial kick in history ends at the bottom of the net. A free kick is played in the area and swings until Callum Wilson is positioned to push him into the net, but he runs off after hitting King on the arm and VAR excludes him.

Twelve minutes added.

14:46 EDT14: 46

89 minutes: There may be more than 10 minutes of injury time. In fact, there must be about 12 or 13, I think. Especially now, Aurier is injured after falling heavily on the sideline and hurting his already bandaged wrist.

14:44 EDT14: 44

87 minutes: Gosling also enters the book for a hilarious attack by Lamela.

14:44 EDT14: 44

85 minutes: Bournemouth is upset after the referee explodes too late for Ndombele’s terrible foul on Callum Wilson. Their anger was due to the fact that Stanislas fired and popped the ball inside the box for King to nod. Unfortunately, for everyone involved, Stanislas was prevented. On the positive side, Ndombele was warned.

Peter Oh says: “Re: 49 min. Is there no space in the balloon of all time XI for the great Englishmen Valve Ramsey, Paul Gas-coigne or the Dutchman Danny Blimp?

Unfortunately …

14:40 EDT14: 40

83 mins: Spurs are now on top and Bournemouth only have one substitution spot to make their few final changes. It can be crucial.

Aurier makes a low cross, but it is deflected wide. The corner is then cleared for another, which goes nowhere.

14:38 EDT14: 38

81 minutes: Aurier made about 10 crosses today. Fair game for him. He must be upset that no one has ended up with someone with a real purpose.

“Considering the football on display, what this mbm needs is an anecdote from Keane 7/10,” says Paul Fitzgerald.

Possibly, Paul.

14:36 ​​EDT14: 36

79 minutes: Another cross from Aurier finds Lamela in the area, but the Argentine can only move him forward and out. The Spurs finally woke up!

14:34 EDT14: 34

77 minutes: Moura is at Spurs, with Sissoko, the substituted man. I hope it is a positive change.

“I have a theory,” says Andrew Pearson. “José was hired to keep the seat warm while Poch takes a well-deserved break. I can dream, can’t I?


14h31 EDT14: 31

75 minutes: And we are resting. Much rest in this half.

14h28 EDT14: 28

71 mins: Aurier once again descends from the right and sends a dangerous cross into the area, but Ake is in the correct position to deflect it. The corner goes nowhere.

Wilson wins Bournemouth a corner on the other side, driving to the finish line, before it gets crowded. King leads the next corner.

Stephen Carr (not the one) says: “Levy – a man with such a reputation for shouting a duck in a deal, still sanctioned jouring £ 15 million a year in Mourinho to produce that beggars belief. It is beyond the turgid.

The Guardian does not tolerate the use of the word squeaking.

14:26 EDT14: 26

69 mins: the two injuries made the game even slower, which is an achievement.

14h24 EDT14: 24

67 minutes: Harry Wilson replaces stricken Brooks. He scored twice in the reverse game, which may help.

14:22 EDT14: 22

65 minutes: Referee Tierney, who had a bad game, fouls Spurs after Ndombele entered Lerma.

Bournemouth clears another cross from Aurier, who drops for Winks 30 yards from goal, but his volleyball ends about 20 yards over the bar.

Ah .. and now Brooks is going out with a calf problem.

14h20 EDT14: 20

63 minutes: Smith is finally taken out on a stretcher. Stacey.

14:18 EDT14: 18

61 mins: Good news …

Dan Kilpatrick (@Dan_KP)

Smith happily aware and having a joke with Harry Kane. “Smithy, you’re still ugly,” says Kane.

July 9, 2020

14:17 EDT14: 17

59 minutes: Smith is still being treated and still needs to be transferred to a stretcher. Everyone has the right to be very careful with an injury like this.

14:14 EDT14: 14

57 minutes: Smith must be replaced by Stacey. The right-back was inhumanly assaulted by Davies and now needs to be removed.

14h13 EDT14: 13

55 mins: Penalty saved by Bournemouth, when Wilson falls under pressure from Vertonghen in the area, but the referee is suffering.

Smith receives another blow from Davies and it looks like the Bournemouth man may be cold. There are many medical teams to deal with this.

Adam Smith’s teammates in Bournemouth call the medical team, as Smith suffered a head injury. Photo: Tom Jenkins / NMC Pool / The Guardian

Adam Smith of Bournemouth lies on the lawn and receives treatment after suffering a head injury.

The medical team treats the injured Smith. Photo: Tom Jenkins / NMC Pool / The Guardian

Updated at 14h28 EDT

14h10 EDT14: 10

53 minutes: A long ball is thrown to the right, where Aurier jumps with Rico, resulting in a head crash. The Spaniard gets worse, but eventually gets up to check that his teeth are intact. Fortunately, they are.

14:00 EDT14: 08

51 minutes: Kane sets up a free kick 25 yards from goal after Lamela was knocked down. The captain of the Spurs strikes him on the wall and, more specifically, on the stomach of Adam Smith, who is in agony. It has to hurt.

14:00 EDT14: 06

49 mins: The Spurs started off half looking brilliant, with Ndombele giving the impression that he may not be as bad as Mourinho.

Mac Millings used the block well.

After Peter Oh’s submission half an hour before the start of the game, here is the Official Balloon of All Times XI:
Gasper Schmeichel
Infleighton Baines
Airy butcher
Alan Balloon
Helium Brady
Thomas Partey
Expandy Townsend
Pop Robson
Floathar Matthäus
Geoff Burst

14:00 EDT14: 04

47 mins: There is an administrator for us, as Mourinho took off Bergwijn and Lo Celso, who barely touched him between them. Ndombele and Son were replaced. We hope that these changes will make Spurs less terrible to watch.

14:00 EDT14: 01

Mary Waltz offers: “When Keane enters a restaurant, do chefs tremble with fear, hoping that the idea of ​​a rare medium will be the same as his?”

I assume so. I worked at ITV Sport for five years and had to interview Keane a few times. I can tell two stories of Keane 7/10, if you ask well and send me wine.

14:00 EDT14: 00

“Will Unwin” is Mike Welch’s formal opening.

“Thank you very much for opening the gate for me to release my irrational inability to fairly judge Erik Lamela’s football skills because of his ridiculous hair. I haven’t reviewed the latest one closely, which seems to consist of heaps of some kind of bleach ointment based on meringue. But it is just the latest in a series of kewpie doll styles that cannot be excused by young people.

“Send me an invoice.”

Like Graeme Souness, I judge all football players based on their hair.

13h54 EDT13: 54

Now Keane is eyeing the poor Spurs area. I wish I was as angry as Keane for everything.

13h53 EDT13: 53

Keane and Evra are passing the break pointing out that Spurs should have suffered a penalty for King’s push against Kane.

Evra: “I think the referee should go home in a taxi.” That’s how you tell it, Pat.

13h48 EDT13: 48

Ed Aarons beat me in tennis on Tuesday, but I’m happy to be the biggest man and promote his work here:

44 minutes: Lamela catches the ball 30 yards from the goal, jumps a few yards forward and then flies with the wand of his left foot, but it crosses the bar. At least I had hope for a second.

1:42 PM EDT: 42

42 minutes: Winks passes the ball out of play for some reason or another. It is not the best job in the midfield.

1:40 pm EDT: 40

40 minutes: Lamela, still irritated by his choice of hairstyle, slides in to take Rico’s ball, but gives a free kick. He receives the ball, to be fair, but the referee sees it differently. Stanislas kicks free-kick, but hits Lloris directly.

1:38 pm EDT: 38

38 mins: A lovely play by Spurs allows Aurier to cross from the right, but he hits the first defender. I can understand how frustrated people are with Aurier’s production. The subsequent free kick is played in Ramsdale’s arms.

13h36 EDT13: 36

36 mins: Bournemouth has a corner, but it is sent by everyone and out for replacement. Please cherries, make better decisions.

Mary Waltz is committed to this MBM: “Watching Everton, my team, tracking Spurs on their MBM. Southampton is dominating my boys, sigh, just scored a goal after losing a pen. “

1:34 pm EDT: 34

34 mins: Bournemouth definitely seems to have more intention to play, while the Spurs are doing things.


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