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Boris Johnson admits risk of failing absolute majority

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Boris Johnson admits risk of failing absolute majority

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson today admitted the risk of failing to secure an absolute majority in Thursday's parliamentary elections and resulting in a split parliament.

“This is a hotly contested election. And we need all the votes. The only mathematically (possible) alternative to a conservative government with an absolute majority is the real risk of another divided parliament, ”he said following a speech at a factory in Uttoxeter, Staffordshire, central England.

Johnson alluded to the 2017 election, when predecessor Theresa May had a lead in polls but eventually failed to secure a majority of deputies in the House of Commons, needing the support of the Northern Ireland Democratic Union (DUP) to form government.

Since the dissolution of parliament on November 6, polls have consistently indicated a Conservative Party advantage over Labor enough to secure an absolute majority.

"Polls may be wrong, and we must fight for every vote," noting that a split parliament could result in a blockade of Brexit because of the weight of pro-European parties in the House of Commons.

At a rally in Carlisle in northern England, Jeremy Corbyn greeted the militants who have been helping with the campaign, which he believes are more numerous than in 2017.

"A victory on Thursday is an early Christmas gift on Friday," said Labor leader, who plans to conclude the election campaign in London on Wednesday.

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