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Bolt is Huawei’s bet to compete with Uber on AppGallery

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Since its launch last year, Huawei has been gradually improving AppGallery, its application store rivaling Apple’s App Store and Google Play, from Android. This is the only hypothesis for the chiense manufacturer since the US-China trade war led the Chinese manufacturer to stay out of Google Mobile Services usage.

Since then, huawei has been strongly investing in the development of its services and has replaced all essential Google applications with similar services. Recently, it was Here Maps that replaced Google Maps, and this week, we see a crucial new addition, according to upcoming ones, adding Bolt to its app stores, one of the main competing apps for Uber in Europe.

Bolt is a car / taxi company based in Estonia that is rapidly gaining momentum in several European countries, earning a reputation as a cheaper alternative to Uber. Its offerings vary from country to country, but include bicycles, scooters and Taxi services, known in Portugal as TVDE, and food delivery is also in the plans, competing with Uber Eats.

The addition of Bolt to the AppGallery will be of benefit to Huawei, which currently does not have Uber in its app store. Since the U.S. government’s trade ban came into force last year, preventing Huawei from putting Google services on its phones, including the Google Play store, the company has sought to become increasingly self-sufficient in terms of software .

That means trying to ensure that your app store, launched in 2018, offers the most popular apps available on other platforms – or at least strong alternatives to major players.

An important example of this is Here WeGo Maps, a well-established rival of Apple and Google Maps that was originally developed by Nokia for Windows Phone in 2013. The AppGallery now also offers some important social networking apps, including Viber, Telegram, TikTok , Tinder, Zoom, Badoo. It doesn’t yet offer Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram, but there are other ways to get them on your Huawei device.

Currently, Huawei is the third most popular phone brand in Europe, after Samsung and Apple, and in March, the Financial Times identified Bolt as the third fastest growing company in Europe. Being on Huawei’s AppGallery opens up a whole new market for Bolt customers, while for Huawei, having Bolt on board brings an essential service to your store.

Bolt is Huawei's bet to compete with Uber on AppGallery

We can already see in the official AppGallery store that the Bolt application already has its presence, with subtitles in Portuguese, however we have not yet been allowed to install on our smartphone, so it should be coming soon.

Source: GSMArena

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