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Bernardo Trindade reveals that Portugal has captured 39 investment projects due to …

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Bernardo Trindade reveals that Portugal has captured 39 investment projects due to ...

The Portugal In mission started in April 2017. Madeiran Bernardo Trindade, leader of the project, had until the end of 2019 to present the country as a final investment destination for the British. After the mission, and according to data from the Financial Times Foreign Direct Investment Observatory, Portugal captured 39 investment projects, totaling 622 million euros of investment, with the net creation of 2400 jobs.

In today's information morning at TSF, Bernardo Trindade, considered the numbers positive and guarantees that they were only possible due to several initiatives developed in recent years. One of them is Company In, a kind of company on the spot for non-residents that brings together the Institute of Registries and Notaries and the Tax Authority, allowing foreign investors to have access to a tax number immediately.

“You can immediately create a company, through its own statutes depending on the size of the company we are dealing with, normally bilingual. It is important because, in fact, they translate a different image of the country in this first clash ”, explains the former Secretary of State for Tourism.

Bernardo Trindade explains that streamlining residence permits for investment, the so-called gold visas, also helped to attract investment to Portugal.

“Through a platform, it is possible to submit the documentation, schedule a hearing at any delegation of the Foreigners and Borders Service to collect the biometric data and make the payment. It was something that was not possible, it took months and was of great concern to those who invested in Portugal ”, he says.

The leader of Portugal In talks about “a step over”, stressing that “other issues of a more regulatory nature have been developed with Banco de Portugal and CMVM, for example, in order to make the country not only as an investment destination but with a friendly relationship with those who decide to invest ”.

The mission, in partnership with the Agency for Investment and Foreign Trade of Portugal (AICEP) and Turismo de Portugal, also worked with India, Japan and the United States of America, the countries that most invest in British territory.

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