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Berlin open to postponing Brexit but with conditions

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Berlin open to postponing Brexit but with conditions

German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas has been available today for a possible further postponement of the British exit from the European Union ('brexit'), although under certain conditions.

In statements published today in the German newspaper Welt am Sonntag, the minister said: "We are looking for the clear objective of reaching an agreement with the United Kingdom."

Heiko Maas pointed out, however, that this measure should be “linked to a perspective” of what is desired during this extra period and what will happen, because not being able to close the brexit chapter is also problematic for Germany and the European Union. (EU).

"Insecurity is a growing burden on our economy and the EU's ability to act," he warned.

According to the Social Democrat Achim Post, according to the parliamentary group, "a new extension is conceivable only with a really convincing reason, such as new elections or a second referendum."

A new extension to continue "the politics of giving and receiving in London" should not be allowed, Post added.

Germany's position, concerned about the repercussions of a brexit without compromise on its economy, is far from Paris's position, where President Emmanuel Macron has been skeptical of the possibility of further extension.

The UK's current deadline to leave the EU, which is already an extension, is 31 October and Prime Minister Boris Johnson is willing to leave the bloc even without agreement.

Boris Johnson is against some terms of the EU exit agreement signed by his predecessor, Theresa May, and in particular regarding the “Irish safeguard”.

However, the prime minister is in a difficult position after losing the majority in the lower house and having passed a law requiring a new extension if no agreement is reached by 19 October.

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