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Belinda Smith and the Facebook advertising boycott

by ace

In the midst of the Black Lives Matter (Facebook Lives Matter) movement, Facebook is being the target of a boycott by various organizations linked to the defense of minorities, due to the hate speech and disinformation campaigns that recurrently circulate on the social network, despite Facebook always tries to block or eliminate these posts aimed at igniting tempers.

Belinda Smith, a diversity activist who worked as a senior marketing executive at companies like Electronic Arts and AT&T, told Tech Tent that she did not expect the movement after George Floyd’s death to cause as much damage to companies as Facebook.

“It was the usual suspects who tend to take a position on social issues,” she said. “I know from my career that deactivating an entire media platform is an agonizing decision – especially something as powerful as Facebook, which really has become central to the plans of many marketers, something that has great returns on investment and is a powerful growth mechanism for them. ”

Although she worked with several brands in her reaction to the Black Lives Matter movement, she was surprised to see the boycott attract so much support.

But Belinda Smith wonders if the advertising industry is simply uncomfortable with being associated with hateful content, instead of thinking long-term.

“It looks like we found something that is unpleasant and then we want to figure out how to fix the problem, instead of asking much deeper questions about how these platforms work, how they are monetized and how they encourage users.”

In any case, it is far from clear that Facebook will face much financial damage, since most of its revenue comes from small businesses, which will not join the boycott.

Its investors don’t seem too concerned – after an initial dip, the stock price is now almost back to the heights reached before this latest crisis.

Source: BBC News

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