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Bear hunt game goes viral to help kids pass time during COVID-19 pandemic

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Bear hunt game goes viral to help kids pass time during COVID-19 pandemic

As many parents are finding out, it is not easy to explain to children why they are no longer able to attend school, the local library or play with friends in the park.

So, in order to overcome boredom in places where blocking measures are not yet imposed, an idea to keep children busy while walking with their family came up and went viral.

It is unclear who exactly started the game "Going to hunt bears", but the simple idea of ​​looking for teddy bears in the windows of homes took off in communities around the world, including London, England.

For the parents (it must be a father) who came up with this idea, THANK YOU. Explaining to a four-year-old child why breeding dates are no longer allowed is touching, so "going on a bear hunt" during our walks is the distraction we need. Our street now:# COVID19 pic.twitter.com/aOhSlmJsVJ

– Daniele Hamamdjian (@DHamamdjian) March 22, 2020

The photos posted on Twitter show Canadians following the trend as well, including some in Ottawa and Calgary.

Nicole Bogaert, from Watford, Ontario, shared an image of her home windows filled with teddy bears and works of art with positive messages about physical detachment.

Bear hunts are also Appearing in the neighborhoods In the USA

A Facebook page dedicated to sharing a variety of activities related to children called “Covid-19 insulation ideas” they also call attention to encourage adults to participate in a "bear hunt" with their children.

The game is believed to have been inspired by Michael Rosen's children's book "We are going to hunt bears".

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