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Australia v New Zealand: third Test, day two – live!

by ace
Marnus Labuschagne

The players are back in the middle, Toms Latham and Blundell for New Zealand, preparing to start their first entries.

23.38pm EST23: 38

"Following Jason Gillespie's comments, welcoming Labuschagne at the 200 Club (over 148)," email Mike Gibbs-Harris: "Do you think Marnus will be toppled by Australia as Gillespie was after 201 ( Did not leave)?"

There is! Strange as it may seem, it is not out of the question. Australia's next test doesn't last half a year and a lot can happen during that time. In the coming months, there will be a huge amount of ODI and T20i cricket. So who knows where the Labuschagne game will be in June / July? Could he be miles away from his game by then, or might selectors consider the tour an opportunity to rest his star man in more high-level competitions?

Australia 454 all out

Australia will be pleased with the 454, especially on a surface that shows signs of wear, but at various times in the last two days they have looked for a much larger total.

The fact that they had achieved much owes much to the diligent Marnus Labuschagne. The fact that they did not disappear is a testament to New Zealand's persistence, especially today, when plans were executed with greater skill, while the intensity around the terrain was increasing. . The last five shutters have fallen in just 44 runs, which will annoy Justin Langer.

Wagner and De Grandhomme finished with three shutters, while Astle played well for both of them. Henry and Somerville also delivered excellent post deliveries.

Marnus Labuschagne led Australia to an imposing total of first entries on the second day of the third test. Photo: Dan Himbrechts / AAP

at 11:31 pm EST

POSTIGO! Starc b Wagner 22 (Australia 454)

That is what it does. Wagner comes in, hits the deck, and Starc plays around a straight line, not bothering to turn and examine the wreckage of his broken woods.

This resignation also brings TEA.

150th place: Australia 455-9 (Starc 22, Lyon 6) Starc would always deal with Astle eventually, and when he did, he almost perished. The ball went up high, but Kyle Jamieson couldn't hold back the difficult chance of advancing and diving. Sure, Starc repeats the shot, but in a much better time, clearing the fence in the corner of the cow.

The analyst CricViz

Neil Wagner's ball to dismiss James Pattinson was the shortest ball that has resulted in a batter being thrown on Australian soil since records began in 2006. #AusvNZ pic.twitter.com/QYbVzJ47Tk

January 4, 2020

149th place: Australia 445-9 (Starc 13, Lyon 6) The field is increasingly misbehaving. Wagner's short balls are dying in the wicket while Astle's googlies holding and spitting. A delivery that Wagner would normally expect to hit Lyon's badge nearly toppled number 11 in the middle of the scoreboard, as was the lack of rebound. The partnership continues – and the session as well – delayed tea until Australia ended.

A little more context for Labuschagne's place in cricket history, while his average is currently the best since Bradman.

Australia v New Zealand: third Test, day two – live!Daniel Brettig

By @cric_analytics #AusvNZ pic.twitter.com/xpj24u0U9V

January 4, 2020

at 11:43 pm EST

148th place: Australia 444-9 (Starc 12, Lyon 6) Astle is on the wrong side of a clumsy old field, while Starc and Lyon make way for some useful races in the last wicket.

Never. Get. Old.

Jason Gillespie 🌱
(@ dizzy259)

It is always a good idea to welcome a new member into the 100-team doubles club. Well beaten Marnus.👍🏽#AUSvNZ

January 4, 2020

147th point: Australia 439-9 (Starc 8, Lyon 5) Starc is kicking very early, so Wagner's security guard hits his upper back while he is in the middle. He times the next bumper much better and spins the beat, but Lyon does almost exactly the same! Very fast in traction and this ball will leave a welt in the ribcage near the right armpit.

146th: Australia 438-9 (Starc 7, Lyon 5) Starc begins the strike early, allowing Astle to have time to work in Lyon. The Spinner almost gets spinning with a googly that is wide on the short legs and then a sweep in the pad rocks slightly less than the dive watling. Lyon and Starc trade singles to keep New Zealand waiting.

145th place: Australia 435-9 (Starc 5, Lyon 4) New Zealand have won 26/4 in the last nine overs, bringing Australia back to them after the hosts once again threatened to flee miles away. Wagner can't finish things, though Lyon and Starc sway and disappear like barn doors in a gale.

10:59 PM EST22: 59

144th finished: Australia 434-9 (Starc 4, Lyon 4) Lyon, like Starc before him, open the ball with the first ball, Astle, who crushes his legs with his square leg.

POSTIGO! Cummins c Phillips b Astle 8 (Australia 430-9)

Oh boy, this is a proper breakdown of Australia, only serving to reinforce the quality of Labuschagne's blows and the patience of Smith's 60s. Cummins is the latest, leaning forward and turning Astle straight at Phillips on the short leg. It was a very strong capture of the defender – usually a shutter holder.

at 23:00 EST

143rd: Australia 430-8 (Cummins 8, Starc 4) Starc, long handle, four. No need for a lighter. Fun and games for a while now you would think.

POSTIGO! Pattinson b Wagner 2 (Australia 426-8)

Wagner, sniffing some scalps on the tail, returns to attack. Cummins gets an easy single that puts patient Pattinson on strike. He repels a few long deliveries and then does an absolute horlicks on his first bumper. The ball doesn't rise, but Victorian turns to it anyway. From there, the ball somehow shoots the forearm, to the back of the club and then to the stumps. At first glance, it is hard to tell if Pattinson dislodged the catches with the bat in an attempt to deflect the ball away, or if the ball itself finishes work. Either way, Wagner has a wicket.

Update: The ball worked, not Pattinson's toe.

Australia v New Zealand: third Test, day two – live!cricket.com.au

You have got to be kidding! James Pattinson can't believe your luck! 😦@ bet365_aus | #AUSvNZ pic.twitter.com/hSJIeCWdd9

January 4, 2020

at 11:19 pm EST

142rd place: Australia 425-7 (Pattinson 2, Cummins 7) Cummins works Astle around the corner for two and then shoves him into the covers for a single. Pattinson is much less happy and is fortunate enough to escape a ragged, bouncing googly that is clumsily shot to the side. Pattinson is two of 18 and doesn't look the least bit caught in the crease. A little better than Stuart Broad x Kagiso Oxtail, but not much.

Australia v New Zealand: third Test, day two – live!Geoff Peters

Comedy beating again from Stuart Broad 🙄 #hopeless pic.twitter.com/loJvbX7K4y

January 3, 2020

141 to finish: Australia 422-7 (Pattinson 2, Cummins 4) Someville replaces CdG and he concedes only a couple of games to Pattinson, who is cautious at the start of his entry.

140th place: Australia 420-7 (Pattinson 2, Cummins 4) Astle played well today and New Zealand kept up their task more intensely than on the first day. Australia are still ahead in the game, but if the Kiwis can wipe their tail, we can at least have something approaching a contest on Monday and Tuesday.

10:40 PM EST22: 40

POSTIGO! Labuschagne c & b Astle 215 (Australia 416-7)

The first ball of Astle's end is a huge googly spinning and bouncing ball that tricks Labuschagne. The scout responds by using his feet to reach the next throw, but once there, all he can do is drive back to the player who clings to a clever return over his head.

Labuschagne's impressive entrances come to an end. The New Zealanders applaud Australia's number 3 off the field. The crowd applauds one of SCG's big beats.

Marnus Labuschagne wicket

Marnus Labuschagne receives the applause after his resignation. Photography: Ryan Pierse / Getty Images

at 23h2 EST

139th place: Australia 416-6 (Labuschagne 215, Pattinson 2) Another neat stump from Grandhomme, paralyzing Australia's slogathon for now.

In the meantime, I'm still in the 90s hip-hop worm territory, only this time I'm with the CdG – the man with three.

Do you have a CdG? Yes, you know me.

138th point: Australia 413-6 (Labuschagne 213, Pattinson 1) Very good from Astle, especially for southpaw Pattinson, whose lack of foot movement gives the ball a chance to spin and spin. Australia still manages three singles to keep the score.

Australia v New Zealand: third Test, day two – live!# 7Cricket
(@ 7Cricket)

Next milestone list for Labuschagne ⤵️#AUSvNZ pic.twitter.com/Kg4t4vswyM

January 4, 2020

POSTIGO! Paine b from Grandhomme 35 (Australia 410-6)

As their white ball figures attest, the CdG is not the easiest to escape in a hurry. Labuschagne spins a pair before turning the beat, then Paine spins a pair before being bowled! Lovely delivery of the CdG, reaching a perfect line and length, finding a touch of stitching back in the right-hand man – who left his gate open trying to force a late cut – and the ball shot to the top.

137th place: Australia 410-6 (Labuschagne 210)

The analyst CricViz

Marnus Labuschagne

First Class Average (excluding tests): 38.22

Test average: 67.81 #AUSvNZ

January 4, 2020

136th place: Australia …

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