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Australia v New Zealand: first Test, day two – live!

by ace
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Today´s Deals

28t is over: New Zealand 90-3 (Taylor 51, Nicholls 3) Cummins is hitting Taylor, hitting him in the thigh and then finding his inner edge after the short leg later on set. Every ball is an exam.

We have an update on Hazlewood from CA. He has a left tendon injury and will undergo an MRI tonight. This is all for now.


Taylor for 50

Day 27: New Zealand 89-3 (Taylor 50, Nicholls 3) Ummm, Labuschagne is convinced that Nicholls has surpassed Starc's final delivery and is doing poorly with his short leg. Except … he's the only attractive man. Snicko shows that there is no advantage. There was a noise. "100% I heard something," he says into the microphone. You have to love your enthusiasm. Earlier, Taylor reached her mid-century with a single on her hip. "One of the hardest of his career," says Ian Smith.


Day 26: New Zealand 88-3 (Taylor 49, Nicholls 3) Good decision to get Cummins back with eight overs (or half an hour) left. As I predicted when the entries started, there are some chances that Australia will not go through one more session with the half hour added. Sigh. Anyway, Cummins is brilliant. Some indecision at the outset leads to a direct hit at the end of non-attackers from the middle of the area. The check upstairs, but Nicholls is at home. Taylor's advantage is found and his club is beaten before the end. There are seven overs left, but there is a long, long way to go to New Zealand. Convincing cricket.

Day 25: New Zealand 83-3 (Taylor 45, Nicholls 2) Taylor holds the score, passing a few seconds before catching another one on the corner. Nicholls deals with the rest. I have to get to the stumps.

There are 20,018 at Casino Stadium tonight, CA informed us. The WACA Final Test in 2017 had over 22,000 in each of the first two days. Presented without further comment.


Day 24: New Zealand 80-3 (Taylor 42, Nicholls 2) I admit I'm in a YouTube wormhole in brilliant catches of Smith and didn't watch much of that Lyon. I know three races were taken and Nicholls was wrong with a pair behind the square.

Was that Smith's best footprint tonight? Or was that like a chubby child?


There should be a long reading essay on this match. Check out the scorecard.

Or this from 2016?

Day 23: New Zealand 77-3 (Taylor 41, Nicholls 0) Henry Nicholls goes out for his first test entries in Australia and advocates starting with a beautiful wide blade. He is a very organized player. Ooh, Labuschagne is in the game to finish, catching the ball in the jump. "These are the catches you dream of," says Mark Waugh in the comment. He should know. Nominate the 1999 World Cup Final.

In fact, more areas AB.

6.44am EST06: 44

POSTIGO! Williamson c Smith b Starc 34 (New Zealand 77-3)

A RIPPER OF A HAND! One of the best catches you'll ever see of Steve Smith, diving right into the full stretch on the second slide, right hand seizing the chance. Starc beat him beautifully before and now wins the competition. A great time in this game.

22nd final: New Zealand 76-2 (Williamson 34, Taylor 40) Lyon around the wicket with two catchers on Williamson's leg. "Let's let them run out!" Brada Paine, suggesting the fact that these two have been involved in a lot of confusion over the years. It's a good pass for Lyon, which ends with Williamson opening the staff's face just enough to pass Smith, sliding down the rope. Hands on his head, but he knew what he was doing.


Day 21: New Zealand 71-2 (Williamson 30, Taylor 39) Starc for Williamson. He's not using his club for the first half of the year, happy to let Starc do his thing with little effort. When he returns to the scout, he responds with soft hands in defense. This is an excellent cricket game among some of the best players in the world.


Day 20: New Zealand 71-2 (Williamson 30, Taylor 39) Tidy of Lyon, his length is a little behind to deny Taylor the move. TV cuts to scenes from The Richies at the end of the movie. No comments.

Day 19: New Zealand 69-2 (Williamson 29, Taylor 38) Starc is back and Williamson is up to the task, bouncing on the ball with impeccable time, to the limit of coverage. So good. But Starc jumps back with uncontrollable gameplay, moving away from Williamson after launching in the middle. Too good. The black cap number one keeps it cool to drive a few more towards the cape to finish. So much depends on these two coming to an end. That leaves 14 overs tonight.

6.26am EST06: 26

Day 18: New Zealand 63-2 (Williamson 23, Taylor 38) Taylor continues to take the game to Lyon, leading him to hide for a couple and then two points behind, though out of bounds. Paine can't put a glove on his leg, bye, before Williamson goes on strike with an ODI single on the floor. Best.

"This series has lived up to its hype so far," says Abhijato Sensarma. “The batting and bowling on display provide excellent viewing. New Zealand has resisted the losing streak by winning a big all-time series in the United Arab Emirates … If they do that here, what they can do will firmly put New Zealand on the map as a true WTC contender. . Who do you think will find India at Lord's for the final? "

Australia will have to do this in Bangladesh and perhaps in the United Arab Emirates, which was not possible in the previous cycle. New Zealand in England will not be easy either. In short: too early to call.

6.21am EST06: 21

Day 17: New Zealand 57-2 (Williamson 22, Taylor 34) Classic Williamson to restart after a drink, using Cummins's pace to put him behind the four point. The short ball is avoided a little more easily, the defense is firm. It took a while, but the captain is ready.

Daniel Brettig

So much adrenaline in cricket this session #AusvNZ

December 13, 2019


16th place: New Zealand 53-2 (Williamson 18, Taylor 34) Taylor spreads his arms, no risk. Its path through the canopy is in the air, causing a pained roar of capture, but it is wide of the man and down to the rope. He goes again later, reaching the ball after going down the track, cleaning the cover. Finally, a skillful late cut makes three limits from the start when they go for drinks. Smart strike, denying Lyon the chance to get into their rhythm.


Day 15: New Zealand 41-2 (Williamson 18, Taylor 22) Cummins vs. Williamson: Give me everything you have. Ooh, and he just went and hit his hand, the ball deflecting into his box. He gives himself a chance to gather his thoughts after that and quite fair as well. Composed, he spends the rest safely.

Geoff Lemon Sport

Imagine playing a total of eight deliveries in a test match, but one of them was Jeet Raval's porn radius.

December 13, 2019

6.04am EST06: 04

14th place: New Zealand 41-2 (Williamson 18, Taylor 22). Taylor leans on a wider ball that he transforms into a volley with a big step, going through the cover to pass to the 20 years. Just like the first time, he dragged the length back and tightened the screws.

13th place: New Zealand 37-2 (Williamson 18, Taylor 18) Cummins beat Williamson this time; a ball he had to play with, straightening a snack beyond the bat. He is testing him short and full. Box office.


12th place: New Zealand 36-2 (Williamson 18, Taylor 17) Wade Experiment comes to an end for now, Nathan Lyon has thrown the ball for the first time. He is too full for Williamson from the start, a half volley safely timed by four-way coverage. He finds his range from then on. With Hazlewood more than likely out of play, this will be the first of many overshoots he is likely to play in the coming days.


11th place: New Zealand 32-2 (Williamson 14, Taylor 17) Gosh, this interrogation is no less problematic for Black Caps. Cummins is fierce, finding the advantage and hitting a shorter ball that raises Taylor. He then tempts him out of the trunk; The 36-year-old is too smart to fall in love with this trick. A legitimate security player ends the game so powerfully that Paine has to jump with one hand to drag it down and save four bytes. Excellent wicketkeeping.

10th end: New Zealand 32-2 (Williamson 14, Taylor 17) Williamson hit the last ball of the previous one! We put snicko on the screen and it's conclusive. Oh gosh. Smith was the Australian who heard the edge. Reminiscent of Steve Waugh at the MCG in 2002 against England in that Wednesday pursuit. Meanwhile, Wade beats Taylor a second time with another outswinger he does a lot. The excess is no better than that – some slacker deliveries have been fielded by three singles – but he's very involved in the contest as the sun begins to set over Casino Stadium.


Smashed it.

Day 9: New Zealand 29-2 (Williamson 13, Taylor 15) There's a nice graphic showing how late Williamson plays the ball, which serves him well against a relentless Cummins. And once the big fast misses the mark, he is in a position to eliminate it by four. Good hit. Oh, minus the last ball, floating and losing out of the stump line. Behind the wicket, Smith thinks he might have pleased, but there's no response from the player or …

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