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ATP Cup semi-final: Australia v Spain – live!

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ATP Cup semi-final: Australia v Spain – live!

Second set: by Minaur 6-4 2-2 Nadal * (* indicates server): Nadal can handle up to 15. He looks like a heavyweight washed out after a long session in the heavy bag while the whip on the other side of the net is fortunately. Skipping rope ready for the next bell.

5:49 AM EST05: 49

Second Set: de Minaur * 6-4 1-1 Nadal (* indicates server): Just once in my life, I'd love to feel what De Minaur is experiencing right now. It is in pure flux. The Australian is anticipating every shot of Nadal and returning it with interest. His racket is his arm extension, which is channeling an adrenaline tsunami. The bank of Spain is incredulous. Winner after winner after breathtaking winner. De Minaur falls in love with amazing tennis. You can hear the screams of admiration in the crowd. It is Nadal against vintage Nadal in inverted image. What a performance.

Second Set: by Minaur 6-4 0-1 Nadal * (* indicates server): The psychology on display is fascinating. Nadal is inscrutable, as always, but something is not right, be it fatigue, injury or technique. De Minaur has the look of a man who went to a rave in a field in Hampshire in 1989 and is having the time of his life flushed. The scoreboard shows 40-30, but the narrative is about these two purposeful Minaur points; the latter ended with a low slice of extravagant bravery; his product rising by a second Nadal once again serves miles within the baseline. All that said, Nadal clings waiting.

ATP Tour

Possessed demon 😈

🇦🇺 @alexdeminaur leads Nadal 6-4! #ATPCup pic.twitter.com/ovEvc3Nh8i

January 11, 2020

at 5:45 am EST

Between sets, the chance to catch up with Bianca Andreescu's news will not be shown at the Australian Open.

Minaur's first set * 6-4 Nadal (* indicates server): Nadal is now visibly running long bows to convert backhands to forehands, but in doing so he sends one to the network and the other for a long time. With each, the belief grows in De Minaur, and he has the freedom of Sydney when he performs a forehand on the line, as clean and heavy as a Jimmy Page riff. Three set points, but he only needs one. The demon is giving Nadal nightmares. Advantage Australia.

Minaur's first set 5-4 Nadal * (* indicates server): Nadal crosses for 40-0 – 15 straight points in serve – but the race is interrupted by another dark backhand. He should see the game out, but again, from the back, he can't throw a delicate kick into the net and then an overload, and suddenly the crowd is back at 40 to 30. De Minaur is now flying, pressing Nadal from the baseline, forcing him so deep that the camera angle had to be widened to accommodate the depths Nadal is going.

Out of nowhere, Nadal is serving in the draw, and he takes too long with another backhand! The crowd is as loud as the whole week, roaring its approval. De Minaur allows some air to escape, adjusting the net and then Nadal steps into the afterburners with two large, almost returnable serves.

From Minaur to serve on set.

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At the Australian Open last year, De Minaur tried to overcome Nadal. Each point was a huge fight to win. He lost 6-1, 6-2, 6-4.

It seems like a different approach tonight. Shortening points, firing winners. He is also the most pumped man in the world right now. #ATPCup

January 11, 2020

at 5.32am EST

Minaur's first set * 5-3 Nadal (* indicates server): For the first time tonight, Minaur doesn't run away at the beginning of his service game. He has a chance of winning both points but plays sharp volleys in the net with the winners at his mercy. He struggles hard to win 15-30 and 30-30, the last point, courtesy of what is an increasingly important problem that Nadal is having in the back. It would be wicked to call him a bark, but to a man of his caliber it is alarming as it is out of time. Another backhand is long for 40-30 and De Minaur now has a very clear attack plan, working with the weak side of the backhand before hammering safely into the open court for waiting. Questions for Nadal to answer, and technical questions, not just matchplay.

Minaur's first set 4-3 Nadal * (* indicates server): Nadal, now with sweat dripping from his nose like water on a log chute, goes through a second consecutive waiting routine.

First Set: by Minaur * 4-2 Nadal (* indicates server): "Live by the sword, die by the sword," says Tim Henman about comments on De Minaur's strategy. The Australian has been fierce so far, attending all the openings and preaching most of them. He reaches 40-0 without breaking a sweat, but Nadal reminds him of his class with a forwardhand that moves in the air like a free kick from Roberto Carlos and a backhand on his opponent's toes. At 30-40, what appears to be a crucial rally begins to unfold, players shifting from side to side before De Minaur lasts long. 40-0 deuce – is it Nadal's opportunity?

No. A setback encounters the net and then De Minaur crashes a forehand winner for a violent blow.

First set: by Minaur 3-2 Nadal * (* indicates server): Routine reserve for the king of Roland Garros.

Minaur's first set * 3-1 Nadal (* indicates server): De Minaur is playing loose and agile, striking fluently in both wings with excellent timing. And he is smashing the ball. All 15, 30, 40 years of love arrive with sumptuous blows, huge forehands cross the court, effervescent passes, and the crowd is shrill. However, Nadal does not lose hope despite the blitzkrieg and remains alive until 40-30, until one of Minaur accepts the game.

ATP Cup semi-final: Australia v Spain – live!ATP Tour

OH MY, @alexdeminaur 🤯

What a shot of the Australian!#ATPCup pic.twitter.com/Gk4ACgL4MA

January 11, 2020

at 5.08am EST

Minaur's First Set 2-1 Nadal * (* indicates server): Woof! De Minaur climbs all over Nadal's second serve, smashing him with both feet off the ground, miles inside the baseline, and he strikes from the inside out of the line to rise from 0 to 30. Nadal responds with trademark intensity, earning four straight points with increasing strength to reach the scoreboard. There was something threatening to see the Spaniard marching so fast, like Concorde standing on the track, then bustling at the speed of sound with force and grace.

Minaur's first set * 2-0 Nadal (* indicates server): Both men trade forehand winners on the line to show that this may be a high quality duel, but Nadal then lowers his guard again, struggling with their returns and getting it right. wide without pressure. De Minaur can not capitalize by dumping game points on the network.

The Australian doesn't let that happen, shaking a 151 km / h forehand winner and testing Nadal on both flanks until he makes a mistake. The demon defends his early break.

4.53am EST04: 53

Minaur's first set 1-0 Nadal * (* indicates server): It didn't take long for the demon to state his intentions, creating a point in the way of David Goffin, upset with Nadal, choosing his time to attack and attacking hard, transforming two baseline rallies in advantage and shifting from 15-0 to 15-30. An initial unforced error gives Australia two breakpoints! And a second unforced error involves him for them. What a start! Nadal broke in his opening game, of Minaur buzzing around the court like Billy Whiz, and the crowd standing.


Running for the lead 1-0 🏃‍♂️@alexdeminaur give 🇦🇺 #TeamAustralia the perfect start by breaking Rafael Nadal in the opening game.#ATPCup | #AUSESP pic.twitter.com/CiLaoko1xp

January 11, 2020

at 4.58am EST

The players are out, warming up, and we'll soon be in what may turn into the biggest night of De Minaur's career; or just one more day at Nadal's office.

4:44 EST04: 44

If the opening match was difficult to score before it started, there is no doubt that the second eraser seems unbalanced on paper. World number one, 19-time Grand Slam champion and recently Davis Cup final winner Rafael Nadal against world number 18 Alex de Minaur.

They clashed twice before, Nadal won both in a row in a row, most recently at last year's Australian Open.

Don't worry Australia, Alex de Minaur only has * notes * Rafael Nadal to beat to keep Australia afloat.

Roberto Bautista Agut beats Nick Kyrgios 6-1 6-4 (Spain 1-0 in Australia)

The lazy narrative (which I'm sure we'll see soon) would be about Nick Kyrgios choking, crushing his racket, or failing to keep up with the hype, but he was simply overtaken by an excellent opponent in the top ten, whose discipline, patience, and defensive brilliance. controlled the match as soon as it started. Let's go Roberto Bautista Agut.

Roberto Bautista Agut

Roberto Bautista Agut passed Nick Kyrgios at the ATP Cup. Photo: Cameron Spencer / Getty Images

Second Set: Kyrgios 1-6 4-6 Bautista Agut * (* indicates server): A nervous buzz trembles around Ken Rosewall Arena when the RBA makes a rare and unforced mistake when gifting Kyrgios 0-15. The Spaniard is back on his own terms, rising to 30-15 with an excellent forehand winner on the line. This becomes 40 to 15 after your last show of defensive excellence, which means two match points. He just needs one. Roberto Bautista Agut wins in straight sets.

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Super solid performance from @BautistaAgut!

🇪🇸 #TeamSpain have the lead after your 6-1 and 6-4 win over Kyrgios! #ATPCup <a href = "https://t.co/H2VShTTF7x" data-link-name = "in body link" …

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