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Artificial intelligence had the best Decade ever

by ace
Artificial intelligence had the best Decade ever

It is well known that the last decade has seen major developments in the field of Artificial Intelligence, however researchers in the field believe the industry is about to enter a new phase.

The rumors of attention around AI have been increasing at the same time as the skills of the technologies created have been re-evaluated and exaggerated. The peaks were called AI Summer (IA Summer) and the low parts of AI winters (Winter AI). The past decade has undoubtedly been the hottest summer that AI has had. There were records to be constantly broken by giant companies in the area.

Yoshua Bengio, a pioneer in AI, often nicknamed the godfather of Artificial Intelligence, commented that AI skills have increased substantially in the past decade as there has been interest on the part of companies in this happening.

There are signs, however, that the peak of evolution will slow down in the future. This idea is not shared by everyone in the area, as billions have been invested in the area in order to have new inventions. It is also said that, instead of being an AI winter or summer, it could be an AI autumn.

In the past decade it has been said that technology equipped with AGI would be as smart as humans. The idea was created that if we solved intelligence we could then solve the rest. There was a lot of apparatus around AGI, from debates to published books. Unfortunately, the excitement around the topic died down over the decade. By the end of the decade, the smartest computers could only do a few tasks, not meeting the goal of being as smart as humans.

It was concluded that the current techniques have already given what they had to give and that a great innovation has to exist in the techniques to later be able to exist in AI. At the moment AI has moved from a technology full of excitement to a technology with a dark side, so changes in the area are necessary. We must also embrace the notion that AI is a scientific investigation in the long term and not in the short term.

“We believe AI will be one of the most powerful enabling technologies ever created – a single invention that could unlock solutions to thousands of problems. The next decade will see renewed efforts to generalize the capabilities of AI systems to help achieve that potential – both building on methods that have already been successful and researching how to build general-purpose AI that can tackle a wide range of tasks. ”

Let's see if investigators in the area are going to be caught in an AI winter or if they are going to stay for an "autumn".

Source: BBC


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