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Arsenal v Chelsea: FA Cup final 2020 – live!

by ace

14:44 EDT14: 44

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang speaks. We are all happy. The manager deserves this victory, he did a great job. We are all happy for him! He does not want to talk about his future when asked by the BBC. “Nothing. Even today, the trophy, that’s it!”

14:42 EDT14: 42

Mikel Arteta runs to the Wembley field with a smile as wide as the Thames! Its players celebrate in style, having deservedly won this final, absorbing a lot of pressure from Chelsea on both sides before kicking off the Blues moment. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang’s winner was as delicious as his penalty in the first half was cool. Mateo Kovacic should never have been expelled in the end, although the decision made a big difference in the result is debatable. Frank Lampard remains in stony silence. How different things looked when Christian Pulisic scored that wonderful goal. It is fair to say that although Arsenal were the best team in the clutch moments, Chelsea were unlucky today with decisions or injuries.

14:34 EDT14: 34

FULL TIME: Arsenal 2-1 Chelsea

The whistle continues and Arsenal wins the FA Cup for the 14th time!

Arsenal players celebrate their victory. Photograph: Marc Atkins / Getty Images

Updated at 2:42 pm EDT

14:34 EDT14: 34

90 min +13: Xhaka takes the ball to the corner flag in the style of clock management. Then Tierney is replaced by Kolasinac.

14:33 EDT14: 33

90 min + 11: Pedro finally walks away, a painful end to Chelsea’s painful day.

14h31 EDT14: 31

90 min +9: This is so sad. This is Pedro’s last appearance in a Chelsea shirt, and what a terrible way to leave the stage. He receives oxygen while carefully loading on a stretcher.

14:29 EDT14: 29

90 min +7: Pedro fell heavily on Martinez and appears to have hurt his shoulder. It looks serious. Shadows from Mick Jones in 1972, although at least the Leeds striker received the winners’ medal that day after seriously injuring his elbow.

Chelsea's Pedro falls on his shoulder.

Chelsea’s Pedro falls on his shoulder. Photography: Marc Aspland / NMC Pool

Updated at 2:39 pm EDT

14h28 EDT14: 28

90 min +6: Aubameyang received the official game man award. But his goals did not win the Arsenal Cup. Pedro and Barkley probe the edge of the Arsenal box. Pedro claims to have been attacked by Pepe, but it seemed like a legitimate challenge. Then Pedro goes again, chasing a speculative ball through the left inner channel. Martinez gets out of line to complain.

14:26 EDT14: 26

90 min +4: James examines the right. Aubameyang intercepts, so Nketiah takes over. It is three for two, with Pepe also advancing across the field, but Nketiah slaps Christensen, hoping for a free kick that he does not receive. A penny for Aubameyang’s thoughts, chasing history as it is.

14h24 EDT14: 24

90 min +3: Another easy save for Martinez, this time from Pedro’s left cross.

14h23 EDT14: 23

90 min +2: Some good work by Alonso wins a corner on the left … but Martinez claims the resulting piece with great confidence.

14:22 EDT14: 22

90 min: seven minutes will be added. Can Chelsea find a draw? Or could Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang become the first player to score a hat-trick in the FA Cup final since Stan Mortensen in 1953?

It is a pleasant evening on the way to Wembley.

It’s a nice evening on the way to Wembley (unless you’re a Chelsea fan, obviously). Photograph: Catherine Ivill / Getty Images

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86 min: Luiz is bent over, holding his shin. Here comes the physiotherapist. He may not be completing this game.

14:16 EDT14: 16

85 min: Chelsea are struggling to get out of the third final. Pepe swings one from the right, but the flag goes up for offside, offering a brief break for the Blues.

14h15 EDT14: 15

83 min: Tierney crosses low from the left. Rudiger goes out to a corner. Arsenal works with Maitland-Niles, who approaches the farthest pole. Jorginho should let him float for a goal kick, but eyebrows to another corner. He is very relieved because Arsenal doesn’t do any of that.

14h13 EDT14: 13

80 min: Jorginho passes a long pass through the left inner channel. Abraham pursues. Martinez comes out of his box, considers the position clear, then turns and complains with his hands. Abraham is convinced that the goalkeeper controlled outside his area … but the referee decides that the ball was in play. The VAR checks and agrees. That was very close, however, and Arsenal’s hearts were in their mouths for a second there.

14h10 EDT14: 10

78 min: Chelsea have no option but to roll the dice. Giroud, Mount and Rudiger are replaced by Abraham, Hudson-Odoi and Barkley.

14:00 EDT14: 09

77 min: James swings from the right. Martinez does well to get out of the danger zone, under pressure from Giroud.

14:00 EDT14: 08

75 min: Now Rudiger is booked, as the replenishment somehow increases. Mikel Arteta also sees yellow for being involved in some kind of dispute. Chelsea need to calm down with quicksmart, because, however severe the sending has been, this is where they are now and time is running out.

14:00 EDT14: 06

RED CARD! Kovacic (Chelsea)

73 min: Kovacic slides over Xhaka, who goes there. The referee reserves Ceballos for asking the referee to flash a second yellow … so he does what the Arsenal midfielder wanted anyway. A second yellow and Kovacic is off. There really wasn’t much of it. Very light contact, and Chelsea is livid.

Chelsea's Mateo Kovacic faces Arsenal's Granit Xhaka and takes an early shower after receiving his second yellow card.

Chelsea’s Mateo Kovacic faces Arsenal’s Granit Xhaka and takes an early shower after receiving his second yellow card. Photograph: Thomas Lovelock for FA / Shutterstock

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14:00 EDT14: 03

71 min: The game is restarted. On the touch line, Lampard uses a furrowed brow. That goal came against the grain of the game.

14:00 EDT14: 00

OBJECTIVE! Arsenal 2-1 Chelsea (Aubameyang 67)

What an end is this! Bellerin bombs in the middle, a race of great determination. He collides with Christensen, and it may be a free kick for Arsenal, but the referee waves continue. Pepe passes the loose ball to the left to Aubameyang, who gives a touch, drops a shoulder to pass Zouma outside and approaches Caballero. This is such a cool finish from a not particularly inviting angle.

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang from Arsenal scores his second goal.

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang from Arsenal scores his second goal. Photo: Adam Davy / Pool / Reuters

Pierre Emerick Aubaemyang (right) is congratulated by his teammates.

Pierre Emerick Aubaemyang (right) is congratulated by his teammates. Photo: Andy Hooper NMC Pool

AFTV members celebrate after Arsenal's Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang scored his second goal.

AFTV members celebrate Aubameyang’s second goal. Photo: Matthew Childs / Action Images / Reuters

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13h57 EDT13: 57

66 min: Mount is seeing a lot of ball on the left. He was almost released by Giroud’s pass, but was content to win a corner. Mount the swing on itself. Zouma hits Tierney, and it’s a free kick, a chance for Arsenal to regroup.

1:55 pm EDT: 55

64 min: Chelsea is slowly pushing Arsenal back, and now much of the game is on the edge of the Gunners’ area. Mount almost dribbles his way through a baroque run; then he almost finds Giroud in the middle with a nice low cross from the left. Not exactly, but Frank Lampard will be the happiest manager at the moment.

13h53 EDT13: 53

62 min: Pedro tries to inject a little bit of vim with a determined dribble in the middle. He thinks about shooting, but cuts the half chance and throws James, tearing to the right. James makes a tall, wide, wild effort.

1:52 pm EDT: 52

61 min: It’s a much slower game now. Chelsea continues to pass, Arsenal continues to maintain its form.

13h51 EDT13: 51

59 min: A little more of Chelsea’s old possession. None of this really concerns Arsenal. This second half needs a spark.

13h49 EDT13: 49

57 min: Jorginho, defender from the bottom, makes a beautiful long pass in the middle and almost finds Monte. It is not so. Arsenal go straight through Lacazette, on the right. He rolls over the face of the box in search of Aubameyang, who tries to get around Christensen with his first touch, but gives it an unusual and heavy touch. Xhaka tries to recover the situation with a long-distance blooter, but is terribly rebellious.


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