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Applications: Participants are mostly from Lisbon and Porto

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Applications: Participants are mostly from Lisbon and Porto

The 2019 edition of the Stock Exchange Game has kicked off, with over one thousand participants who from November 18 to December 13 will be able to place their bets on the stock market. They start with an initial amount in their portfolios of 100 thousand euros. According to the regulation, each participant can make an unlimited number of transactions in the various financial assets, although, for the purposes of the eligibility of the prizes, they must have or had, during the game, a portfolio of securities composed of at least three asset classes (equities, ETF, CFD and Forex). They must also carry out at least one operation with a minimum investment value of 15 thousand euros in each of the three asset classes throughout the game. , but with incidence of the two main cities. Lisbon and Porto weigh more than half in the geographical location of the participants. Lisbon has the largest number of candidates, with over 35%, followed by Porto with over 17%. Aveiro brings together almost 11% of the participants.

In the candidate group this year is registered, most are not students. The weight of non-students is 58%, which compares with 42% of students. This year's edition thus saw a significant increase in the number of students enrolled, as in 2018 their weight was 28%, with only 250 applicants still studying. This year there are more than 440 students.

This year's edition, compared to 2018, has more licensed participants. It is 38.5% the weight of the candidates with degree degree and 37.8% those who have the 12th grade or lower. In 2018, this category had the most weight. This year has increased the share of master's degree candidates, from 15.4% to 19.5%; and PhDs that weigh 1%, compared to 0.6% in 2018.


November 18th to December 13th

Purse Game ratings are updated daily. Firstly, a top is published in Business and at 2 pm the full listing is published in the Jornal de Negócios Online (www.negocios.pt). To this end, a provisional classification of the Global Classification, the University Classification and the ISCTE Business School Universe Classification is withdrawn every day. Then, every Tuesday, the weekly winner is announced.

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