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Angolan association complains of violence against homosexuality in …

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Angolan association complains of violence against homosexuality in ...

The Iris Angola Association, the only Angolan LGBT association, complained today that "discrimination, barriers to education and violence against homosexuality in adolescence" persist, but applaud the decriminalization of homosexuality in the new Penal Code.

“When I say that barriers persist, I am talking in terms of low education, dropout, violence against homosexuality in adolescence. Yes, discrimination persists and it is often accompanied by ignorance, ”he told Lusa Carlos Fernandes, the association's director.

According to the official, during 2019, the LGBT universe (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) gained more visibility within Angolan society having participated in various activities promoted by national and foreign institutions.

The association, he added, participated in a number of projects promoted by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) on vulnerable populations and was able to identify some "structural barriers that still exist within society."

The new Angolan Penal Code, approved by the parliament in January and awaiting publication, decriminalizes the homosexual relationship in Angola, ensuring that "no one can be penalized for discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation."

For Carlos Fernandes, director and co-founder of Íris, legalized by the Angolan Government in June 2018, the measure translates into a "very important step", but the association is still waiting for "as it will be in practice".

"But we have seen it as a step in opening dialogue with other sectors of government who should support or talk to us for greater preparation and education of families about LGBT," he noted.

The association has about 300 members in Luanda and also has centers in the Angolan provinces of Huambo, Benguela and Huíla.

"We could not go further because of financial difficulties," shot the Iris leader.

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