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Ana Moura and the passion for jewelry that became a collection

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In addition to being one of the most prestigious singers in the country, Ana Moura has proven that her gifts go beyond singing. "Portugal Jewels offered me the challenge of being expensive in a jewelry collection and I told them that I would accept if I was the designer. And it was a very beautiful challenge," she told Máxima when she exhibited the pieces she developed since January this year. year with the jewelery brand, from which it received all the technical support, experience and knowledge.

They spent months together choosing stones and refining the original designs created from a premise: these were pieces Ana could never find in stores. The result is 17 jewels, including earrings, rings, necklaces and bracelets full of symbolism. They are inspired by Portugal – in addition to the Heart of Viana and the Earring Queen, there are stones in emerald green and ruby-red tones – and their own history. The purple tone also appears in some of the pieces as a reminder of the musician Prince, in whom the singer continues to be inspired.

"This is a predominantly gold-plated collection, because I only wear gold, but we will also have jewelry available in silver," said Ana Moura. The song also shared with Maxima that her first memory of jewelery is a bugle-shaped pendant, by chance a musical instrument, offered by her grandmother.

Since 1955, this is the first time Portugal Jewels has been collaborating creatively with anyone. "The pieces go far beyond the most traditional techniques. In the elaboration of the molds, we resort to mixed techniques with teams making 3D printing and sculpting wax molds. In the animal elements, it was always given a touch of chisel to enhance their organic shapes. Even in packaging and exhibitors Ana has contributed a clear vision of how to achieve the true spirit of the collection, "said Joana and Alexandre Gomes, the third generation of the family to lead the company.

You can see the entire Ana Moura x Portugal Jewels collection at anamoura.com and portugaljewels.com.

Ana Moura and the passion for jewelry that became a collection



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