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Amazon Ring workers made redundant for accessing videos of …

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Amazon Ring workers made redundant for accessing videos of ...

The Amazon-owned Ring company makes home security instruments. This company admitted firing four employees for accessing user videos.

The issue was addressed in a letter to the senator in response to the situation regarding the company's security practices. In each case, employees were allowed to view the videos but access was exceeding what was required to perform the job functions.

The company is currently facing privacy issues regarding its equipment due to this situation. In November, Amazon received five letters from democratic senators with a set of security questions, including why workers at the Ukrainian Ring office had access to the videos.

In a detailed response from Amazon, the company said employees could only view public videos and videos of employees or friends who gave their consent. In addition, only a very limited number of employees, namely three, have the ability to access customer videos.

For four years Amazon has received four complaints on this topic. According to the company all cases were investigated and the employees involved dismissed. Despite the fact that each individual was allowed to watch video information, the attempt to access that information went beyond what was necessary to perform their duties.

The company declined to disclose further details on the matter at hand but always made it clear that it was working to always limit the number of people with access to all the videos.

Last year there were a number of security news about the devices in question, including indoor and outdoor cameras and smart bells. Legal actions were taken by an Alabama resident where he claimed that a stranger compromised the proper functioning of his outer chamber.

There was also a situation where a stranger spoke to a client's daughter through the family's inner ring chamber. A Florida family also said a racial phrase was spoken through their internal chamber, among other complaints.

CES demonstrates multi-brand home security features so the product has customers, Amazon Ring's privacy issues are now only expected to be resolved.

Source: BBC


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