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Air New Zealand is testing edible coffee cups

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Air New Zealand is testing edible coffee cups

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What's better than a nice hot cup of coffee? If you ask Air new zealand, the answer is to follow java with the sweet taste of … cup.

Yes, that's right – New Zealand's national carrier is experimenting with a new cup of edible coffee that will further reduce the waste produced on board.

Although the airline has already switched to biodegradable glasses on branded aircraft and lounges, they have begun to look for even greener options.

To this end, the airline collaborated with the New Zealand-based company Twiice, a family-owned business dedicated to making herbal edible cups that taste as good as earthy.


The cups being launched on Air New Zealand flights have a vanilla flavor and can withstand the heat of coffee without melting.

Air New Zealand customer experience manager Niki Chave told CNN in a statement that the airline serves 8 million cups of coffee on board its aircraft annually. And so far, customers who tested Twiice cups have had a positive taste, she adds.

This is not the only move Air New Zealand has made to get greener in the skies. In July 2019, the airline announced that condiments such as salad dressing and soy sauce would be served in small reusable bowls rather than individual plastic packages.

Although Twiice cups are currently a unique partnership between the two companies, there may be additional opportunities for them to work together in the future.

Jamie Cashmore, co-founder of Twiice, says the company is working on a new expanded line of dishes and edible dishes that could also work for Air New Zealand once they can be produced to scale.


Addressing the world's plastic crisis has become a major issue in all sectors of the travel business, not just airlines.

The state of California test size shampoos prohibited and other hotel toiletries, while some conglomerates such as Hyatt and IHG (which have brands like Holiday Inn and Hotel Indigo) have also promised to do the same in all of their properties.

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