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Against everything and everyone

by ace
Against everything and everyone

It was on Monday 40 years that the first victory of the Democratic Alliance took place: December 2, 1979.

It is symptomatic of the state in which it is on the right, as well as the center, that virtually no one has evoked that date. The media did not and it is understood, in a way, that resources are scarce and, in most cases, very young. But damn it: neither the PSD nor the CDS said a word about it.

The Berlin Wall fell 30 years ago, and of course everyone points, well, all over Europe and many places around the world. December 2, 1979 was a national and not an international event. But it was very relevant in Portugal. For decades the opposition had not won elections in Portugal. During the 48 years of the Salazar regime, for known reasons, and after April 25, this was the first time. As we pointed out last week at that time, we still did not live in full democracy. But it was moving there and this victory contributed significantly to this goal being achieved.

History in Portugal cannot only be of interest to a particular political sector. And don't argue with the youth's lack of interest … First, interest arises, arises, forms; Secondly, if there is a figure I see many young people interested in meeting, it is exactly that of Francisco Sá Carneiro.

Courses, seminars, programs, and publications on this historical event would have been justified – and justified. The so-called right in Portugal well needs examples to stimulate it. Here months ago in Portugal came a movement that says it wants to unite the right, and that chose as designation 5.7, because it is the date of signature of the agreement to set up AD. As part of this movement, a book "Linhas Direitas" was published, which was kindly sent to me by the authors, Miguel Morgado and Rui Ramos. Interestingly, neither this movement made the proper evocation of the date, nor the candidates for the leadership of the PSD and the CDS remembered. It's weird and not good. Nothing begins at all at the very moment we start something. There are always antecedents, motives, assumptions, reasons. History is built with memory. To forget it is to walk along roads without light. And who wants to unite should not discriminate. Francisco Sá Carneiro was the most discriminated of all. They were not invited to the circles of intellectuals or even powerful financials. Snu Abecassis and, to some extent, Natália Correia, broke this ice and faced these prejudices. Decades later, the wax figures of the Portuguese right continue to make the same mistakes. So too, the left call goes on.

Depending on the recipients: if you don't know, study, read, cultivate. Or wake up. Celebrate. Teach. Or not sectarian. Or work and do your duty. Democracy thanks you.



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