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70% Portway workers strike with three canceled flights

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70% Portway workers strike with three canceled flights

Portway workers were joining the strike on Saturday morning at 70% and three flights were canceled – two from Easyjet and one from Brussels Airlines – the source said of the National Civil Aviation Workers Union (SINTAC).

Speaking to Lusa, SINTAC leader Fernando Simões said that three flights had already been canceled this morning and that the national average for joining the strike around 12:00 today "was around 70%".

"Membership continues to be very similar to yesterday (Friday) from the early hours of the morning, because all planes left with delays ranging from 30 minutes to an hour" and the trend is " continue delays and constraints, "warned the head of the Civil Aviation Workers Union.

On December 20, SINTAC announced a strike notice on Portway for December 27, 28 and 29 at Lisbon, Porto, Faro and Funchal airports.

"We have cancellations (from Geneva International Airport (Switzerland) and Paris Charles de Gaulle (Airport) (France)" and "we also have the cancellation of the Brussels Airlines (Belgium) lunch time (12:30) flight" , said Fernando Simões, adding that for Sunday, the 29th, the cancellations of the "two Brussels Airlines flights" are "confirmed".

The cancellation information was taken from ANA Aeroportos' website, the unionist added.

In addition to flight cancellations, it has been reported that since Friday, "commanders are making hand luggage sheets, and these commanders are taking responsibility for Portway's load control department." (ground handling company at airports), warned the SINTAC manager.

"When loading is not done well it can go through many strands. A badly trimmed aircraft (aircraft trim ensures that it can have a straight and level flight) can make it difficult to fly, can cause aircraft instability , can give you endless scenarios that we better not even think about them, "explained the unionist, noting that anything that enters an aircraft – be it passengers, fuel, mail and / or luggage – has to be" accounted for " very specific to ensure all the safety rules that are imposed on the sector. "

Fernando Simões said that SINTAC has "a lot of reservations and a lot of apprehension about the way and the way the shipments are being carried out", which are being done "in the form of the" derailment "without having the security procedures that should be underway. be fulfilled ".

At the time of the strike warning, SINTAC, in a statement, indicated that it had decided to move on to the strike because the company, "through its Vinci group administrators," did not fulfill its proper career thaw last November as had signed in 2016 ".

SINTAC noted that, "as if that were not enough," the company "began to cut social allowances and rights acquired by all its workers over 20 years, thus not recognizing all the efforts of workers over the years, and everything This is for the sole purpose of not lowering their profits in order to further fill the Vinci Group's coffers.

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