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5 free online technology courses offered by LinkedIn

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Last week, Microsoft announced a global initiative aimed at providing digital skills within this pandemic period. In Brazil, an example was the partnership with Digital Innovation One to offer the fundamentals of study for cloud computing.

Another very valid initiative by the company was the provision of some learning routes to train professionals such as graphic designers, project managers, specialists in digital marketing, etc.

To choose the qualifications, the company used the database of open positions within LinkedIn (Microsoft company) to check which requirements are most sought by companies.

Unfortunately, the courses are in English, but the fact can be seen as a good opportunity for those who are acquiring fluency in the language to get deeper into the language.

Below, we bring the learning routes that we find most valid for Computerworld readers, along with information such as course load and topics that are presented during the course. Good studies!

Content time: 23 hours


  • Learning about data analysis
  • Data fluency: exploring and describing data
  • Statistics in Excel: basic training
  • Using Excel for data analysis
  • Fundamentals of data visualization
  • Power BI: basic training
  • Tableau: basic training

Content time: 29 hours


  • What is graphic design?
  • Career in graphic design
  • Introduction to graphic design
  • Fundamentals of graphic design: layout and composition
  • Fundamentals of graphic design: typography
  • Color and art within the design
  • InDesign 2020: basic training
  • Photoshop 2020: basic training
  • Illustrator 2020: basic training
  • Creative collaboration
  • Color Trends

Content time: 26 hours


  • Fundamentals of programming
  • Data base
  • Full Stack and Front End
  • HTML Basics
  • Basics of CSS
  • JavaScript Fundamentals
  • Learning Python
  • Learning Java
  • Learning SQL
  • Web Security

Content time: 27 hours


  • Fundamentals of online marketing
  • Fundamentals of Google Analytics
  • Fundamentals of SEO
  • Fundamentals of Google Ads
  • Fundamentals of content marketing
  • Fundamentals of social media marketing
  • Facebook Marketing
  • Instagram Marketing
  • Return on Investment (ROI) in social media marketing
  • Strategy for social network marketing
  • Fundamentals for email marketing and newsletters
  • Introduction to graphic design

Content time: 17 hours


  • Fundamentals of project management
  • Ethics in project management
  • Requirements within project management
  • Schedule
  • Budgets
  • Team management
  • Communication
  • Scratchs
  • Managing stakeholders
  • Basic Fundamentals of Microsoft Project 2019
  • Microsoft Project quick tips


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