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5 daily exercises to tone up all year

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5 daily exercises to tone up all year

Basic exercise, so often overlooked in training, is the key to a healthy active routine that can be perfectly performed every day, even at home. From board to squat, doing these exercises the right way can be a complete challenge. Between exercises, be sure to take appropriate breaks and breathe during them. Breath control is one of the most important requirements during training. We talked to the personal trainer Jose Afonso, which demystifies five basic exercises to perform anywhere, anytime.

1. Squat (or squat)

One of the basics of physical exercise, squat (called squat) is one of the unavoidable diaries. Downward movement, always keeping your back straight, tones the legs and buttocks, strengthening the lower limbs, while contributing to the burning of extra calories by boosting heart rate. How to make? "First, place your feet in the slightly outward shoulder line to set your starting position. Fix your feet firmly on the floor, squat down until your thigh is parallel to the floor – keeping your back straight – and when back up contract the buttocks as the hip goes forward (what is called hip extension) "explains José Afonso, personal trainer.

2. Sinking (or lunge)

This exercise increases endurance and strength by contributing to firmer legs, but be aware that you should do it correctly, avoiding injury to the joints. It is an excellent exercise for balance training. How to make? "Straighten your back, relax your shoulders and keep your neck straight, looking straight ahead. Put one leg in front of the other and, lowering your hip, lower until both legs are at a perfect 90 degree angle, and return to the starting position. "Switch between legs. This exercise can be done with dumbbells," explains this personal trainer.

3. Pelvic Elevation (or hip thrust)

A great move to strengthen and shape your buttocks, pelvic elevation is one of the exercises you can do anywhere, provided you have a proper base. "You should perform this exercise with the shoulder blades resting on the platform of your choice (this may be a bed, as exemplified in the video), stabilizing them, and only then raising the trunk (if you choose unilateral pelvic elevation, you can choose to lift one leg, maximizing the effect of the exercise.) Pelvic elevation recruits the posterior muscles when there is at least a full extension of the hip when climbing, "he explains.

4. Plank

Who has never heard of the famous board, which often becomes a fun challenge among sportsmen? A perfect exercise to define and strengthen the core, the board should be done on a rug. There are several types of board, from the front; the plank with lateral opening of the leg; to the front plank alternating the arms; among others. How to make? José Afonso explains. "It is a concentration of isometric force, which consists in maintaining a difficult position for a certain period of time, in this case to strengthen the abdominal area. Leaning on the elbows and feet, should raise the body of the mat, straightening the back as you contract the abdominal area. Hold until you feel a power loss or choose to determine an exact time for exercise. Make this challenge a daily challenge where time increases day by day. " The video below illustrates the "in and out" board.

5. Knife (or seated knee up). This exercise stimulates the abdominal muscles, toning them and making them more resilient and defined. It is always a must-do when it comes to routine exercise as it is meant to strengthen the core. "The knife can be made on the floor, on a rug, or on a bench. For the latter, sit on the edge of a bench with your legs extended in front of you. Lean on the sides of the bench for support. Finally, lean back and lift your legs slightly off the floor, keeping them straight and together Exhale as you lean forward as you lift your knees toward your chest Inhale as you lean back and replace the legs in the starting position. Repeat the movement "explains. In the video below there is a variation of this exercise.

José Afonso Personal Trainer // j.afonso14@hotmail.com or +351 962673106.
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