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10 ways to solve problems

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10 ways to solve problems

"Everyday creativity give us today." It's not blasphemy, it's really the prayer we should recite before we even get out of bed. Because creativity is the ability to solve problems in the best way, the intelligence to be able to find solutions to overcome obstacles that keep us from being more genius and happy. So get rid of the idea that artists are the others, trust your intuition and, without fear of making a mistake, risk different paths, "abracadabras" that open doors that seemed hopelessly locked. Indulge in what you do with passion, whether it's inventing a new sandwich, pairing your child's socks, or writing a book, and discover the formulas that work with you because what drives someone to the final Eureka may be what kills them. another one. But as despite all the mantras we sometimes block at the most important moments, here are some ideas to use as you please.

1. Get started!

That's right: start. Scratch a page, make a phone call, write whatever comes to mind, gather ingredients… What matters is getting moving – adrenaline generates adrenaline.

2. Make a list

The most therapeutic of the lists is the pleasure of putting a "right" ahead of those that have already been concluded, freeing us from the feeling of "I did nothing". Therefore, put things on the list that finish quickly so you can scratch and gain balance for the hard ones.

3. Arrange the shirts by colors

Find your warm-up ritual, or the one you use when in the middle of a task, you're in a dead end. Sharpen the pencils and tidy up the desk, or sort the sweaters by color … What matters is that it is a quick task that gives you the satisfaction of immediate results. With recharged batteries, you can start over.

4. Induce panic

There are people who only work when they feel on the brink. If so, auto-induce a panic state by setting a required time or date as deadline. Then report it to the boss, the editor, your child's teacher. That will really have to be done.

5. To the mall, in strength

There was a key ring that said "When life gets hard, the hard ones go shopping." I guarantee it works. Two advantages: it distracts and generates a sense of guilt for the money spent, which makes it very real that we have to work to replenish our spending.

6. Respect your biological clock

If you are a night owl, you may not have good ideas at eight o'clock in the morning, just as if you are an early riser, a rip of genius at ten o'clock is virtually impossible. Respect your own biological rhythm and don't let others lecture you on how you could lie down earlier or get up later if you wanted to.

7. Start by "plagiarizing"

Do you feel inside like a desert? Unable for an original thought? So start by plagiarizing. That's right: go read great quotes, see a Ted Talk of the theme you're working on and find out how contagious the genius is. A word, an idea, a different way of looking at the problem, and the brain goes off. When it comes to that, the result is genuinely yours, which is not without giving thanks, clearly and unambiguously, for the spark that ignited your creativity. Gratitude is the godmother of all creativity.

8. Unleash the run

Sport releases natural chemicals that spread throughout the body and make us more agile. Go jogging for twenty minutes, or dance to your favorite tunes – put an end to the block and see how you slowly begin to see the light at the bottom of the tunnel. Of course, if you're like me, you achieve the same goals with a good nap …

9. Cookies, cookies!

Remember the Sesame Street Cookie Monster? Yeah, it can be bad for diets, but a shot of sugar can give you the quick energy you need. If it's chocolate, even better.

10. Laugh (at herself, even better)

Only a wide-awake brain can laugh. So watch a comic clip on YouTube, talk to a friend who always makes her laugh, write a self-pitying text – after a few minutes, pitying yourself always makes you want to laugh.

* Article originally published in the 300th edition of Máxima (September 2013).

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