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10 Things to Know for Today

by ace
10 Things to Know for Today

Get ready for Thursday, March 26, with a few things to know about the Associated Press news of the day

March 26, 2020, 10:38 am

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Your daily look at the latest news, upcoming events and stories we’ll talk about today:

1. UNITED STATES GOES THROUGH LARGE TOLL American deaths with the coronavirus pandemic among the top 1,000, another milestone for a global outbreak that claimed 21,000 lives worldwide and is wreaking havoc on economies and ordinary life.

2. & # 39; Pray for one more & # 39; The Senate approves a $ 2 trillion economic bailout package, the largest economic assistance law in US history, providing guidance to businesses, workers and health systems engulfed by the pandemic.

3. HEAVY PANDEMIC WEIGHTS IN MEDICAL FACILITIES US hospitals are rushing to find beds for an impending flood of patients with COVID-19, opening older closed hospitals and reusing other medical buildings.

4. THE TRUMP OWNER: TRADE VS. LIFE The president's desire to reopen the economy until Easter pushes the government into the delicate position of weighing up the revival of trade versus the value of American life.

5. G20 TO COORDINATE THE RESPONSE TO VIRUSES Saudi Arabia will practically preside over the leaders of the 20 most powerful economies in the world trying to coordinate a response to the rapidly expanding coronavirus.

6. THE WAR AGAINST THE DRUG OF ESTONIA TURNED UNCONTROLLED The shift in the Baltic country from herbal drugs like heroin to synthetic drugs like fentanyl increases unscrupulous chemists and helps to consolidate China's role in global narcotics trade.

7. "I'm glad I agreed to be guilty". The man who killed 51 worshipers in two New Zealand mosques unexpectedly pleads guilty to all the charges, sparring survivors and relatives of the victims of a trial.

8. HOW THE MARKETS WITHDRAW TO THE STATIC ACCOUNT Global stock prices and the future of the US fell after the US Senate approved a $ 2.2 trillion virus help package and sent it to the House.

9. BALLPARKS KEEP EMPTY ON OPENING DAY & # 39; Today was supposed to be the opening day of Major League Baseball and it is still unclear when the season might start.

10. & # 39; Humiliated and Honored & # 39; Will Smith personally thanked Joyner Lucas in a video on social media after the rapper released a song in honor of Smith's career work.



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